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Family Essays

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Solutions to Domestic Violence

There are many different solutions that people can do to help those in need that are involved in a domestic violence relationship.

The Effects of Child Family Interaction

Kerry is clearly enamoured of her little boy. In her own words, she “can’t bear to be away from him” and could just “gobble him up”.

Skin to Skin Contact in Nursing

What do labor room nurses know about skin to skin contact? What are the factors labor room nurses identify as barriers to implementation of skin to skin…

Resilience in children

I decided to investigate if resilience reduces negative effects of homelessness in adults and in their transition after becoming housed. The information…

Inclusion of Children With Disabilities

The term ‘inclusion’ has been noted for its susceptibility to ambiguous usage, as it may refer to enhancing partnerships between children and parents in the…

Family communication | ‘The Glass Castle’

In ‘The Glass Castle’ Jeanette tells us about the story of her life as she had lived it. She and her siblings had lived a life that she describes as having a lot…

Resiliency in Homelessness

There is a great deal of research into resilience in children, whether they are housed or homeless. However, there is less research about resilience in adults…

Measuring Intimate Partner Violence

A number of researchers found domestic violence to be a major contributor of physical and mental health problems in sufferers.

Domestic Violence around the World

Domestic violence or abuse occurs when one a partner, ex-partner or a family member tries to physically emotionally or sexually dominate the other…

Divorce and its roots

There are various and complicated reasons for divorce. But these reasons are particular to each couple

Family System

  Mr. Gil Buckman is 35 year-old European American Man. He is Married with 3 Children living in the home. The Buckman’s are expecting a baby in February. (Grazer & Howard, 1989)

Personal Portrait

Most Infants develop motor abilities in the same order and sometimes at the the same age.